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Evaluation process

Swiss Cancer Research: How We Promote the Research

In the area of cancer research funding, the Swiss Cancer Research foundation works closely with its partner organization, the Swiss Cancer League. All applications submitted go through a scientific evaluation process and are reviewed in detail by several experts. In addition to two members of the independent Scientific Committee, international peer reviewers also assess the scientific quality of an application. These evaluations are discussed at the bi-annual meetings of the Scientific Committee.

The final funding decision lies with the Board of Trustees of the Swiss Cancer Research Foundation (SCR).

The research grant application review process

The grant application is submitted online.

The grant application is sent to two members of the Scientific Committee for review.

The two Scientific Committee members recommend external reviewers.

The Research, Innovation & Development department of the SCL invites the external reviewers to review the grant application.

The grant application is reviewed. Four to six reviews are obtained for each grant application, two of which are by Scientific Committee members.

The grant application and the reviews are discussed in detail at the biannual meeting of the Scientific Committee.

After the meeting, the Research, Innovation & Development department writes up detailed minutes and creates a ranking list of all grant applications discussed, following the Scientific Committee’s recommendations.

The ranking list is forwarded to the board of the SCR. The board make the final funding decision.

The grant applicant is informed of the decision by the Research, Innovation & Development department. Reviewer comments in an anonymous  form are made available to the applicant.

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